More information about the Advanced Certificate

This course follows on from the 18-hour Foundation Certificate for Bereavement Counselling. The foundation certificate covered the theoretical aspects of the theory and its application in counselling and psychotherapy practice.

  • The aim for the Advanced Certificate is to integrate your learning from the workshops. The course will be experiential to support your understanding of Bereavement Theories, learning the theory from the inside out.

  • The course will be held over two weekends running from Friday afternoon until Sunday lunch time.

  • The course will be delivered at the Hayes conference centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire.

  • Course Timetable: Each weekend will consist of a mix of ‘Process’ and ‘Practice’ carried out in both the large group and two smaller groups.

  • The course will include a written Assignment

  • Applications for the course are welcomed from colleagues who have completed the Foundation Certificatefor Bereavement Counselling. The application process will include a 30-min interview via Zoom.

  • The number of participants will be limited to 20 for each training.

  • You will be eligible to apply for the ADVANCED Certificate training once you have been awarded the Foundation certificate

  • Dates for the Residential weekends: from 2pm on Friday 7th October till 2pm on Sunday 9th October 2022 and from 4pm on Friday 2nd December – 4pm on Sunday 4th December 2022

  • The cost for the training is a total of £1398.60, including the course fees and the full board for the 2 weekends (4 nights)

In Practice

  • Price & Payment

    £1398.60 for the Residential training. It includes the course fees & the full board for the 2 weekends. Once you have completed the application process you will be offered the option to make payment using a debit or credit card. You can choose to pay in full or via 5 instalments. It is possible to pay over a longer period of time with smaller instalments via Direct Debit, contact us.

  • Venue info

    The venue is located in the UK, in Swanwick, Alfreton, Derbyshire. Easy to access! It offers Ensuite bedrooms. Located in a central part of the country, the venue is the perfect centre for people to travel to from all across the UK. The centre features great travel links that makes it easy to get to, no matter where you are commuting from.

  • Registration

    There is a selection process to join this training. Please apply and send us your interest for the course, your qualifications or where you are in your training and we ll organise an interview with Dr John Wilson. Once you 've been accepted to the course, we 'll send you the contract and will ask you to make the paiement. That will guarantee your place in the program.

In Practice

  • Assignement

    This assignment should show your understanding of Bereavement Counselling Theory and how you have incorporated this theory into your practice using examples from your client work - Word count: 2500 to 4000 words. To be submitted 4 weeks after the first weekend.

  • Course aims

    1. To develop a cooperative mutual learning environment in which participants may practice and develop their skills and knowledge in working with bereaved people. 2. To discuss key concepts, models and theories of loss and grief, including an awareness of cultural diversity, responsibilities, confidentiality and consent. 3. To support Participant’s reflective and reflexive development and philosophical approach to supporting the bereaved person. 4. To offer opportunities to deepen each Participant’s understanding of a pluralistic attitude to grief work.

  • Philosophies of the course

    This course is based on the philosophies & principles of person-centred theory and a pluralistic approach. It supports you to identify, articulate and fulfil your own personal and professional learning needs, and to develop your own approaches to working pluralistically whatever your theoretical training, orientation and practice. Throughout the course a range of individual learning opportunities are possible and can be negotiated, particularly when negotiating a theme to explore for your individualised area of study.

key areas related to working with loss and grief

The following list of questions offers some key areas related to working with loss and grief, for deeper consideration and reflection to support that process of curriculum development.

  • How do we resolve the uniqueness of grief against the generalities needed to make sense of models and theories?

  • Is my grief worse than yours, i.e., are there recognisable hierarchies of grief complexity, attributable to extrinsic and intrinsic factors? • When, if ever, can grief be seen as a disorder?

  • What are the limitations and benefits of Rogers’ actualising tendency in working with grief? • How helpful is it to view grieving as a task?

  • What is the modern relevance of stage models of grief? • How should we view the concept of decolonisation in working with difference?

  • How to we facilitate the client’s process of active self-healing? • Men’s grief, women’s grief: gender stereotyping or a real difference?

  • How does the neuroscience of grief explain its biological purpose? • Grief: individual or family sys

  • What part does the therapeutic relationship play in a successful outcome?

  • How do we measure the effectiveness of bereavement counselling?


  • I cannot upload my CPD certificates, what can I do?

    If you are not able to upload your documents please don't worry as you can also email these to Temenos using the email address

  • How long does it take to get my Foundation certificate?

    It usually takes 7 days, for our team to check all the documents and requirements. Once it s been accepted, you will be able to download the digital certificate.

  • How do I apply for for the Advanced Certificate in Bereavement Counselling?

    In order to apply for the Advanced Certificate course, you need to have received your foundation digital certificate and be a qualified therapist.

  • What is the process to access the Advanced Certificate

    You need to have completed all the requirements from the Foundation Certificate /send us all your certifications in Counselling and psychotherapy or your training details /have an interview with a Temenos tutor /register on a waiting list to join a group

  • How many people will be accepted in the advanced program?

    The number of participants are limited to 20 students.

  • When will take place the advanced training ?

    The course will be held over two weekends running from Friday afternoon until Sunday lunchtime. Weekend 1: 7th - 9th of October 2022, from 2pm on Friday 7th October till 2pm on Sunday 9th October 2022 Weekend 2: 2nd - 4th of December 2022, from 4pm on Friday 2nd December – 4pm on Sunday 4th December 2022

  • Any more questions?

    Please contact us at