Convert your CPD into a FOUNDATION Certificate

And get access to the ADVANCED Certificate with John Wilson

Our team is here to support you in the conversion process of your CPD issued by Onlinevents. On your behalf we can find all of them and upload them for you on the website. Email us if you need any help at
TEMENOS ADVANCED Certificate with with Maggi McAllister-MacGregor

How does it work?

  • Who can apply?

    Everyone who has completed the series of 6 workshops issued by Onlinevents LTD for Bereavement Counselling with Dr John Wilson. You still can access the recordings of each. Please contact us and we'll send you the link for the recordings.

  • What do you need to do?

    Once you've registered on the Temenos website, you will need to upload all of the CPD Certificates for the workshop series. The Temenos team will review your submission and then provide access to your digital Foundation Certificate.

  • What will you be awarded?

    Temenos will award you the Foundation Certificate for Bereavement Counselling. This qualification confirms that you have completed 18 hours of theory learning. The Foundation Certificate allows you to access the qualification to the Advanced Certificate.

A Digital Foundation Certificate

Once you have submitted your CPD Certificates and they have been approved by Temenos you will have immediate access to your Digital Certificate. You will be able to download the Digital Certificate and print as many times as you wish. You can print the Digital Certificate for display in your counselling room, to include in job applications and as part of tender submissions for commissioners. The certificate will have a unique number so no one can reproduce it.

A Digital Supplement

The Digital Certificate is also accompanied by a Digital Supplement which describes in more detail the learning you have engaged with. The Digital Supplement will detail the title, description and length of each workshop.

And a Digital Certificate as NFT

Temenos will create a Non Fungible Token (NFT) version of your Foundation Certificate. This is a permanent and immutable record of your. NFT's are a relatively new technology that Temenos believes will transform adult education and certification. If you do not yet have the technology to access your NFT version, Temenos will hold it for you until it can be transferred to your ownership.

Workshops You Will Have Completed

Here is the list of workshops that you will have attended and received CPD Certificates for:

  • Training for Bereavement Counselling 1: The Nature of Grief

  • Training for Bereavement Counselling 2: Attachment Theory

  • Training for Bereavement Counselling 3: Models and Theories of Grief

  • Training for Bereavement Counselling 4: Complexity & Complications of Grief

  • Training for Bereavement Counselling 5: Assessment & Evaluating Outcomes

  • Training for Bereavement Counselling 6: Family Systems Approach to Grief

What can I do next with my Foundation Certificate?

  • With your foundation certificates, you can apply to the Temenos Advanced Certificate for Bereavement Counselling with Dr John Wilson

  • The advanced course will include 30 hours of training over 2 weekends in a residential setting.

More information about the Advanced Certificate

This course follows on from the 18-hour Foundation Certificate for Bereavement Counselling. The foundation certificate covered the theoretical aspects of the theory and its application in counselling and psychotherapy practice.

  • The aim for the Advanced Certificate is to integrate the theory into your counselling practice. The course will be experiential to support your understanding of Bereavement Theories. The course introduces and develops the concepts and practice of bereavement counselling with the theoretical focus being a person-centred perspective and pluralistic approach. It helps Participants to explore professional, ethical, and practice-related issues. The Course aims to help develop Participants’ critical thinking and reflective practice.

  • The course will be held over two weekends running from Friday afternoon until Sunday lunch time.

  • The course will be delivered at the Hayes conference centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire.

  • Course Timetable: Each weekend will consist of a mix of ‘Process’ and ‘Practice’ carried out in both the large group and smaller groups.

  • The course will include a written Assignment

  • Applications for the course are welcomed from colleagues who have completed the Foundation Certificatefor Bereavement Counselling. The application process will include a 30-min interview via Zoom.

  • The number of participants will be limited to 20 for each training.

  • You will be eligible to apply for the ADVANCED Certificate training once you have been awarded the Foundation certificate

  • Dates for the Residential weekends: from 2pm on Friday 7th October till 2pm on Sunday 9th October 2022 and from 4pm on Friday 2nd December – 4pm on Sunday 4th December 2022

  • The cost for the training is £875 for the 2 weekends plus accommodation and food


  • How do I register the Temenos website?

    Once you have clicked the red button "convert now", or "start the process now", you will be invited to register for the Temenos website. You then need to set up your account and follow the instructions.

  • I cannot upload my CPD certificates, what can I do?

    If you are not able to upload your documents please don't worry as you can also email these to Temenos using the email address: The Temenos team is also here to support you and communicate with Onlinevents on your behalf.

  • How long does it take to get my Foundation certificate?

    It usually takes 7 days, for our team to check all the documents and requirements. Once it s been accepted, you will be able to download the digital certificate.

  • What is NFT?

    NFT stands for non-fungible token, which basically means that it's a one-of-a-kind digital asset that belongs to you and you only. Non-fungible tokens, often referred to as NFTs, are blockchain-based tokens that each represent a unique asset like a piece of art, digital content, or media. An NFT can be thought of as an irrevocable digital certificate of ownership and authenticity for a given asset, whether digital or physical. NFT's are a relatively new technology that Temenos believes will transform adult education and certification.

  • What is the process to access the Advanced Certificate

    You need to have completed all the requirements from the Foundation Certificate /send us all your certifications in Counselling and psychotherapy /have an interview with a Temenos tutor /wait for our confirmation after the first interview.

  • When will take place the advanced training ?

    The Residential training will be delivered in Derbyshire, the 7, 8, 9th of October 2022 and 2-3-4 of Dec 2022.

  • How many people will be accepted in the advanced program?

    Apply as soon as you can. The number of participants for the Advanced certificate is limited to 20 participants.

  • How do I apply for for the Advanced Certificate and the residential training?

    In order to apply for the residential training with John and the Advanced Certificate, you need to have received your foundation digital certificate.

  • Any more questions?

    Please contact us at

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